Waterfowl hunting has drastically changed in the United States over the past two decades, but especially in the “South.”

A pair of hunters were disgruntled at the lack of waterfowl in west Tennessee, and scheduled a northern hunting excursion. Their Canadian hunt went on the calendar for the following October.

The date came and they prepared all their hunting gear, loaded up, and left Tennessee in 60 degree weather.

Crossing the Canadian border, the twosome found themselves in snow and freezing conditions. They checked into the hotel, and confirmed the hunts that the hotel owner had arranged for them with a local farmer. Day one proved to be an awesome duck hunting day – great hunt… they got their limit in the first 45 minutes.

Day two brought harsher weather with more snow, gusting winds, and even further-dropping temperatures. The farmer took them all set up for a Canadian Goose field. Results? Shotguns were lain on top of the layout blind didn’t function properly.

The twosome discuss what could be wrong, cleaning methods, etc. but the farmer quickly stops them saying, “You are in Canada. The reason the locals don’t hunt this time of year is because its too cold.”

What a revolutionary thing to say – to a pair of LUBRICANT DISTRIBUTORS.

The owners of TCS (Tri Cities Supply) embarked on a mission to develop a lubricant that would remain stable in extreme temperatures. With chemists and lab support, this – was the very onset of how 80° Below originated.

Five years after the original development and extensive testing, TCS completed trademarking and patenting. Production facilities had to be a state-of-the-art blending and quality-controlled environment to insure that the product would be the same every time it was purchased or used.

The sales and marketing of 80° Below began.

80° Below® Lubricants are the latest phenomenon on the market boasting full temperature operating ranges from -90°F to 465°F. Expertly formulated lubricant with 100% select synthetic fluids, it had sufficient body to still lubricate in ALL temperatures.

The additive package includes an effective combination of cleaner; anti-wear agents; rust preventatives; and oxidation inhibitors. The tackifier is present to create a lubricate adhesion and dry film of lubricant to keep your firearms functioning with a very minimal wear. Tested for 5 years in extreme conditions, this lubricant poses to be a “staple” in your household, industry, glove compartment, tackle box, blind bag, or tool box.

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